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Inquiry Type Mfg D/C Qty Unit Price Pack
A42MX09-F-PQ1.. ACTEL 00+ 67 ** QFP100
A6613SED-024 Allegbo 00+ 365 ** PLCC
A6E-8101 OMRON 09+ 515 ** 乐虎特价
A77100CQ-40-A VITESSE 00+ 40 ** BGA
A77300CQ-40-A VITESSE 00+ 72 ** BGA
A79M05MJGB ANY 07+ 600 ** 全新进口
A8C11-13N-13C.. OMRON 09+ 1500 ** 乐虎特价
A8C2587 IPAIRGAIN 9851+ 31 ** QFP
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